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Is the App Free?

At 18Birdies, we want everybody, regardless of playing experience or ability, to have the opportunity to be introduced and enjoy the wonderful game of golf. 

With that in mind, the 18Birdies app that you originally download from the app store is 100% free – and always will be! Once you are in the app, we do offer a paid Premium subscription which has an arsenal of additional features and capabilities not included with the free version. For most of your basic golf needs, the free version covers all of the bases and there is no need to purchase Premium.

We offer three different subscription levels aimed at providing golfers multiple options to fit their location and playing season. The membership options are as follows:

  • $4.99/week
    no trial
  • $9.99/month
    7 day free trial
  • $99.99/year
    14 day free trial

Each membership level can be canceled at any time, and any data that you record when you are non-Premium will be able to be used with the various Premium features and Stats filters.

To see a complete list of free and premium features please see our website at


You can download the app for FREE on the  App Store and Google Play and you don’t need to enter a credit card to sign up. 

Win-win, right?

For more information on the differences between a Standard (Free) and Premium (Paid) subscription, including cost options, please click here.

Were you asked to purchase something when you downloaded the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store? 

You shouldn't have!

Sounds awesome, right? Click here to open the app on your device and start your round!

Looking to take your game to the next level?  Download the 18Birdies app today!

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