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18Birdies AI Coach is a coach in your pocket, helping you improve your game anytime and anywhere.  

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How does it work?
Get to the AI Coach
Record a Swing for Swing Analysis
Swing Rating
Past Analysis
Download Your Swing Video
Swing Analysis

How does it work?

AI Coach will detect how your body moves throughout the swing and will determine the highest priority item to focus on based on all of your swing faults.  

Then AI Coach will give you a customized lesson plan focusing on how to improve your swing and help you shoot lower scores.

Get to the AI Coach

  1. Open the 18Birdies app. 
  2. Tap 'Play' on the menu bar.

  3. Tap 'AI Coach'.

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Record a Swing for Swing Analysis

  1. Tap Analyze My Swing.

  2. Record your swing in either a Face On or Down the Line view. Tap the Red button to start recording and again to stop.
  3. Once you’re done recording the swing, that's it! The AI Coach will send your video off to our servers for analysis.

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Swing Rating

18Birdies Swing Rating is a numerical measure of your swing performance, based on the analysis of a single swing, and your total Swing Score history.

Swing Ratings range from 0 - 10. Lower ratings having the most room for improvement.


Ceratin aspects of your swing (Tempo, Stability, and Impact) are assessed to determine your strengths, which are indicated along with your Swing Rating. If you see one of these displayed with your Swing Rating, that indicates a strength of your swing. 

If you do not see one displayed with your Swing Rating, this indicates an area of improvement and will be a focus in your Drill Plan

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Past Analysis

All of your previously recorded swings can be found in Past Analysis to help you Review, Share, and Collect Feedback on all of your swings.

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Download Your Swing Video

Quickly and easily download your swing video analysis to review outside of the app by using one of two methods.

Method 1
  1. Open the 18Birdies app 
  2. Tap 'Me' on the bottom right-hand corner of the bottom menu. 

  3. Tap AI Coach.

  4. Tap Past Analysis.

  5. Tap the download icon in the video box to download right to your camera roll.
Method 2
  1. Open the app and tap 'Me' bottom menu bar. 

  2. Tap AI Coach.

  3. Tap Past Analysis.

  4. Tap anywhere in the swing video box to open the video full screen.

  5. Tap the three white dots in the upper right corner.

  6. Select Download.

Downloaded videos can be found in your Camera Roll. Don’t forget to share your swing video to the Feed and to all of your social media channels!

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Swing Analysis

Pro Comparison

When your swing video has completed processing, tap View Swing Analysis to instantly get your first priority to work on, and your comparison to the Pro model.

The areas of focus for swing mechanics are indicated by the green overlay markers on your body, and swing tempo feedback is indicated by the timing bar at the top of the swing comparison.



In the world of golf, there’s all sorts of swing philosophies but they all have one thing in common, how your body is connected to the ground. 

That’s why the 18Birdies AI Coach analyzes your full swing, determines your highest priority areas of improvement, and suggests drills based on what will help you improve the most.

Once your swing has completed processing, tap View Swing Analysis to see your Swing Analysis and Personal Drill Plan. 

Access your Drills at any time in Past Analysis.

Drill Plan

Your Personal Drill Plan is segmented into three separate drills. Our drills are designed to only require a minimum of 2 - 5 minutes per day, giving you the freedom to improve during your busy schedule. 

Of course, you can always complete the drills faster to advance through the AI Coach system.

When you’ve completed the drill and feel comfortable to move on, tap Start Next Drill to continue improving.

Past Drill Plans

If you ever need a refresher or want to show your friends what you’ve been working on, all of your past Drill Plans can easily be found from the AI Coach tab.

Ready to swing? Hit the button below to start filming your swing.

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