Using Classic Shot Tracking on the Golf Course

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How to use Classic Shot Tracking in 18Birdies
How to track your putts in 18Birdies
What are track shot details and descriptions, and how to use them
How to enable Track Shot Recommendations in 18Birdies

How to use Classic Shot Tracking in 18Birdies

Whether you've hit a fairway-splitting drive, a close approach to the pin or a miraculous recovery shot to set up a par save, 18Birdies' Classic Shot Tracking will let you save and share your very own personal highlight reel!

  1. Once you have started your round and hit your first shot, press the 'Track Shot' icon at the bottom of the GPS screen. 
    When you're satisfied with your shot details, press "Save This Shot".
  2. Tap 'From Current Location' to start tracking from where you are on the course or tap 'From Another Location'.
    If you tap From Another Location, you will have to confirm the starting point of the shot by dragging the blue pin to the correct starting position. 
  3. On the screen, you will see a red dot next to a yellow 'Save Shot' button.
    If you tapped 'From Current Location', a starting position pushpin will appear on top of your blue, location dot. If the pushpin's position doesn't match your shot's position, simply tap 'Edit' and then 'Change Start Point'. You can then drag the pushpin to the correct starting position of this shot.
  4. Start moving to your ball's ending location.
    As you move, the number of yards corresponding to 'X yds' will change according to the relative position of the blue, starting position pushpin, and your blue location dot.
  5. Once you arrive at your ball's ending location, press the yellow 'Save Shot' button.
    If necessary, tap either the popup or the pencil icon next to the yardage measurement of the shot to adjust your starting or ending position drop pin by dragging it to the correct position.
  6. Get Your Handicap

    Tip: Tap the yellow pencil icon next to the tracked shot on the GPS to edit any of the shot details. 
    PREMIUM TIP: View the average tracked shot distance for any given club in your golf bag! To see your tracked average for each club, Launch the 18Birdies App > Tap ' Me ' in the bottom right corner > Tap the three dots '...' in the top right-hand corner > Tap 'Shots'. 

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    How to track your putts in 18Birdies

    1. Once you have tracked your ball to the green and you are ready to putt, tap the Track Shot button on the GPS screen.
    2. Scroll down and select your Putter.
    3. On the Shot Description page, select Green, then tap Continue.
    4. Putt your golf ball, then adjust the ending pin location to place your ball at the correct spot, either in the hole to finish the hole or somewhere else on the green. When you complete the putt, tap Save Shot. The 18Birdies app set the front/middle/back locations for the green; the app does not adjust the pin locations daily to reflect the actual pin locations set by the golf course. 
    5. Repeat this for every putt you take until the hole is finished.

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    What are shot details and how can I find them?

    Comprehensive insights into shot details are a cornerstone for golfers striving to refine their performance on the course. For those utilizing 18Birdies Premium, this extends beyond mere statistics. It provides users with a nuanced understanding of their miss tendencies, shedding light on the specific direction in which they commonly falter. Armed with this knowledge, golfers can make informed decisions during their rounds, strategically mitigating weaknesses and capitalizing on strengths.

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    For Shot Tracking basics, please see our knowledge base article: Track Shot

    How to Use Shot Details for Track Shot

    1. Once you have started your round and hit your first shot, press the 'Track Shot' icon at the bottom of the GPS screen.
    2. Use the scroll wheel to select the club that you used.
    3. Tap Add Shot Details.

    4. Tap your lie to select where your ball is resting.
    5. Tap the starting direction, shape, and height to mark the different parts of the ball flight for your shot.

    6. Tap the + on the location on the club face to mark where the shot was struck.

    7. Use the ✔ and ❌ to indicate if the shot felt like it was solid contact. 

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    How to enable Track Shot Recommendations and pin Track Shot to the GPS Screen

    Once you have the completed the steps detailed below, the Track Shot feature will save as your default view for future rounds, and you should not need to repeat these steps again.

    1. When you start a new round tap the Tools icon on the bottom right corner of the GPS screen
    2. Then tap Settings.
    3. Once you are on the Settings page, scroll down and make sure that the toggle next to Track Shot Recommendations is in the ON position.

      Finally, please make sure that the Track Shot option is Pinned to your GPS screen to be able to automatically track the distance from the pin.

      1. This can be found by tapping the Tools icon on the bottom right corner of the GPS screen.
      2. Scroll down then tap the pin icon next to Track Shot.

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