Strokes Gained

What is Strokes Gained?

Strokes gained is a way to measure a golfer’s performance on the course against a set of other golfers (of various skill levels) to help a golfer figure out where he/she is losing (or gaining) strokes. 

How are Strokes Gained Defined?

There are multiple types of strokes gained values that are measured over the course of one hole. These are defined below:


Compares a golfer’s score to the rest of the “field”

Strokes Gained

Total Calculation = Strokes gained: Off-the-tee + Strokes gained:Approach-the-green + Strokes gained:Around-the-green + Strokes gained:Putting


All shots taken from the tee box until a golfer reaches the green.


Measures player performance off the tee on all par 4s and par 5s.


Measures player performance on approach shots. Approach shots include all shots that are not from the tee on par 4 and par 5 holes and are not included in strokes gained: around-the-green and strokes gained: putting. Approach shots include tee shots on par 3s.


Measures player performance on any shot within 30 yards of the edge of the green. This statistic does not include any shots taken on the putting green.


Measures how many strokes a player gains (or loses) on the greens.

To get an even more in-depth explanation visit our friends at the PGA Tour to learn more about Strokes Gained.

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How to Enable Strokes Gained Scoring

When on the GPS screen: 

  1. Tap 'Tools' in the bottom right corner of the GPS screen. 
  2. Tap 'Settings'. 
  3. Ensure that the button for Strokes Gained is turned to the 'On' position; you will know because the toggle switch will turn blue. 

To see your Strokes Gained during your round, each shot needs to be played and recorded with Shot Tracking.

How to Use Strokes Gained?

To have the app keep track of your Strokes Gained, you must be an 18Birdies Premium member and use the Strokes Gained Scoring Feature, also known Shot Tracking for each shot.

  1. When you have started a round and you are on hole 1, tap Add Shot 1 to start tracking your shot.
  2. If you are on the course, simply walk to your ball.
    Pro Tip: If you are not on the course, or if you need to edit the shot, drag the number 1 to where your ball landed from your tee shot.
  3. Complete the respective shot details (Shape, Height, Lie, Dist. to Middle and Club)

  4. Tap Add Shot 2 when you get to your ball after your tee shot.
  5. Hit your shot and walk to your ball.
    If you are not on the course, or if you would like to change your shot, then drag the number 2 to where your ball landed and complete the respective shot details.
  6. When your ball gets to the green, tap Green in the Lie row.

  7. Complete the Dist. to Hole to change the length of your putt.

  8. If you miss the putt, tap +Putt/Shot to record the putt and start another putt.

  9. Adjust the Dist. to Hole and follow the steps above until you make the putt.

  10. When you make the putt, tap Finish Hole.

  11. Near the bottom of the screen, your Score and your Strokes Gained are listed.
  12. To advance to the next hole, tap the bottom right arrow and then tap Add Shot 1 and follow the same steps as above.

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Review your Strokes Gained

At the end of your round, tap through each hole on the GPS screen to see a summary of your performance by the hole.

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