True Distance Club Recommendations

What are True Distance Club Recommendations in 18Birdies?

True Distance is your club distance based on your most recent tracked shots, excluding abnormally short or long shots as well as adjusted for course conditions like wind, elevation, temperature, and altitude. 

True Distance can also intelligently determine which shots are the best example of your club’s typical distance while filtering out other shots that are outliers or mishits, punch shots, etc.

Make more confident decisions with on-course Club Recommendations using True Distance.  

How do True Distance Club Recommendations Work?

True Distance will be calculated using the average track shot distance, including your most recent 10 shots tracked using Track Shot and/or Strokes Gained, excluding your two longest and two shortest shots. 

As more shots are saved, True Distance will automatically remove shots that fall outside the most recent 10 shots tracked. This process will continue as new shots are tracked. 

True Distance will also be adjusted for course conditions, adding or subtracting from your shot distance. Actual distance will be defined as the total distance the ball traveled from your starting point to end point. We will then add or subtract distance based on the conditions when the shot was saved. If the ball was recorded as traveling 160 yards, and there was a wind behind you adding 10 yards to the shot, 10 yards will be subtracted from the tracked shot distance, making the True Distance 150 yards. 

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How to Find Your True Distance for Each Golf Club

The True Distance for each golf club can be found in your 18Birdies Golf Bag.

  1. Open the app and tap Me on the bottom menu.
  2. Tap Golf Bag.
  3. Tap any club in your Golf Bag to see your True Distance.

True Distance uses the shots you track during your golf rounds. To learn more about tracking your golf shots during a round, see our support article: Track Shot and Strokes Gained


When can I use True Distance 

True Distance can be used on the course for enhanced Club Recommendations. 

True Distance can also be viewed for analysis in your Golf Bag. See here for more information: What is the 18Birdies Golf Bag?

Is True Distance Free

True Distance is available for all 18Birdies Premium members. Please see here for the Premium Feature List

What’s the difference between True Distance and manual input

True Distance will update automatically, as you track golf shots with 18Birdies. After tracking shots with various clubs in 18Birdies, True Distance will auto select the shots that best represent your distance for each club and excludes mishits and other outliers to show how a well struck shot would end up. 

True Distance also adjusts each shot for on-course conditions like uphill or downhill slope, wind, temperature, rain and more. So if you hit a drive 230 yards uphill and into the wind, the True Distance of that shot will adjust showing exactly how far that shot would have gone on a flat area without wind. 

That 230-yard drive may well have gone 265 yards in normal conditions, and that’s an important detail when determining how far your clubs actually go. If you're looking to truly know your clubs, hit more greens, and shoot lower scores, True Distance is a must-have!

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