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What are the Differences Between a Standard and Premium Subscription?

With the launch of 18Birdies Premium, we have introduced brand new features designed specifically to give you that extra edge to elevate your golf game. Premium members will have full access to partner discounts, 18Birdies Bargains, and Premium Lesson Plans!

Even with the launch of our Premium Membership, we will always support the free version of 18Birdies and continue to offer great features such as  GPS+, digital scoring, and stat tracking, live rounds, DreamGames, and more - free of charge! 

With that said, we aspire to deliver the next generation of technology to help you take your game to the next level!


You get all this for free!

  • GPS+
  • Digital scoring and stat tracking
  • Live rounds and social connectivity
  • DreamGames
  • Side Games
  • Participate in tournaments and side games.


  • Caddy+
    18Birdies can recommend clubs while considering wind and course elevation. Whether you are playing in 20 mph winds or to a 100-foot  elevation drop, we've got you covered.
  • Advanced GPS 
    Plan your perfect shot based on elevation, temperature, humidity, wind elevation and weather data throughout your round on any course.
  • Advanced Stats
    Get more insight into your game with new charts and custom filters to better understand your progress and how you stack up against the competition.
  • Shot Tracking
    Whether you’ve ripped a drive down the fairway or stuck one close to the pin, this is a great way to save a memorable golf shot or to share it with your friends.
  • Partner Discounts
    Get exclusive deals from 18Birdies partners like Golftec, OneCore, and more!
  • Premium Lesson Plans
    Receive world-class instructions from 18Birdies coaches covering fitness, strategy, technique, mental game, and more!
  • Live Weather Map
    Never lose sight of the elements with our Live Weather Map. Get a detailed Doppler radar view of the weather at your location to ensure that nothing, even Mother Nature, gets in the way of your perfect round.

  • Strokes Gained
    Strokes gained is a way to measure a golfer’s performance on the course against a set of other golfers (of various skill levels) to help a golfer figure out where he/she is losing (or gaining) strokes.


So how much does this cost?

It’s less than a sleeve of balls, lower than the cost of renting a pushcart, and much cheaper than a round of golf!

Check out the pricing below.

Weekly Membership
  • $2.99 Billed Weekly
  • Includes a 7-day free trial, payment charged after the trial ends and weekly subscription begins
Monthly Membership
  • $9.99 Billed Monthly
  • Includes a 7-day free trial, payment charged after the trial ends and monthly subscription begins
Annual Membership
  • $99.99 Billed Annually 
  • Starts with a free 7-day trial, payment charged after the trial ends and annual subscription begins

To take full advantage of Premium, make sure you update to the latest version of the app. New Users: Simply use the links below!

The  18Birdies app is now available for iPhone and Android devices. Click here for your free download.

For more information and content, log onto

Sounds awesome, right? Click here to open the app on your device and start your round!

Looking to take your game to the next level?  Download the 18Birdies app today!

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