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Club Recommendations

18Birdies Premium Caddy+ can recommend clubs while considering wind and course elevation. Whether you are playing in 20 mph winds or to a 10- foot elevation drop, we've got you covered.

You can use Club Recommendations and notes to create an eagled-eyed, adaptable Shot Plan for every hole you're going to play just like the pros!

Refer to your Shot Plan notes during your round even with Tournament Mode enabled!

Set up your Golf Bag

You need to know what clubs are you in your bag before you head out to play, and so does 18Birdies in order to recommend what club to hit!

Turn On Club Recommendations

  1. Once you have started a round, tap the "..." to toggle the options Menu dropdown
  2. Tap "GPS Settings".
  3. Tap "Club Rec. Type"
    1.  Select "Caddy+ Club Distances" to enable dynamic, shot recommendations based off of your tracked shots
    2.  Select "Fixed Shot Distances" to enable static, shot recommendations based of off the distances your inputted for each club in your bag
  4. Tap the white circle next to "Incorporate wind data" to turn the circle blue and turn on wind data factoring (you should see the option to adjust the wind speed-shot distance conversation just below).
  5. Tap the white circle next to "Incorporate elevation data" to turn the circle blue and turn on elevation data factoring (you should see the option to adjust the elevation change-shot distance conversation just below).
  6. Tap the left, directional arrow near the top left corner of your screen to return to GPS.

Using Club Recommendations

Before your round, select the course and "Start Round".  Use club recommendations and notes to create a Shot Plan for every hole you're going to play! Use the white, ball/tee icon to place your starting point on each shot and use the white bullseye to select your intended targets. The club recommendation and distance to the intended target will be displayed in the black, white, and blue circle next to the white, intended target line. 

Create a note for each hole to refer back to whenever your pre-shot routine calls for shot planning.

When you're playing your round, simply select the notes icon on the GPS screen to refer back to your club recommendation assisted Shot Plan.

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