Traditionally, golfers track and measure their performance by their total score. The downside of this is that an individual “blow up” hole can mess up an entire round, taking away from the fun of the game, and distracting from the progress made from round to round.

Targets is a new format that lets players focus on the smaller victories in golf -- the number of Fairways Hit, Green in Regulation, Pars or better, or Birdies or better. Players can now define what “being successful” means to them for each round, and either track progress individually, or use Targets as a betting game with friends.

For information on how to set up this betting game, see the article on GameBets in 18Birdies.

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Targets is a game-within-a-game designed to help golfers set realistic and attainable goals for the current round. Measure your success by playing Targets!

Solo Play

As a single golfer, set Targets and track your performance against any of these four stats categories:

  • Birdies (or better)
  • Pars (or better)
  • Greens in Regulation
  • Fairways Hit

To help you set realistic Targets for each round, we provide both historical averages and personal bests for each category.

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Group Play

Groups of two or more players can use Targets for GameBets. The group picks one Target to play for -- for example: Pars or better -- and agrees upon a number each person in the group need to make to reach their Target.

Each player puts a fixed number of betting units into the pot. Any player that reaches his/her Target earns a share of the total pot. If all (or no) players reach their target, the money is returned to each player.

Note: While Targets as a multi-player betting game only covers one stat category, golfing groups can set up multiple games of Targets during a single round.

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