FAQs & Support Documentation

Getting Started

The essentials to get you started in 18Birdies!

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Search courses in your area, follow courses and keep track of it all!

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Answers to frequently asked questions. Don't see your question? Just ask us!

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Me (User Profile)

Learn how to build your user profile, add friends, and explore your stats.

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Regular Play

Playing golf is the heart and soul of 18Birdies.

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Never look for a yardage marker again, period!

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Explore & DreamGames

On demand golf content - and our exclusive golf rewards program!

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18Birdies is your place to build a network of golf friends.

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Level the playing field with a Golf Handicap Index provided by 18Birdies!

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Play golf betting games like Skins and Nassau using 18Birdies.

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Golf is a numbers game and 18Birdies is here to help you break it down!

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Caddy+ (Premium)

Take your game to the next level with your own virtual caddy!

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Tournaments (Premium)

Organizing and playing in golf tournaments using 18Birdies.

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