Distance Arcs

Take distances and your in-round experience to the next level with 18Birdies Distance Arcs.

What are Distance Arcs?

18Birdies Distance Arcs give you multiple distance data points in one instant look.

If you ever find yourself on the tee box wondering how far it is to carry the lip of a bunker, or hitting an approach shot to the green and need to know where the false front starts, 18Birdies Distance Arcs will become an essential tool for your game.

How to use Distance Arcs

Once you've started a round of golf in the app, simply tap the 'Tools' button to open the Tools menu and then tap the Distance Arcs button to enter the distance arc view.

  • Your GPS view will automatically zoom into the white target circle and display the Distance Arc system in various distance increments for your current shot. 
  • The information at the bottom of the screen will show you the distance on your current shot and the green will show you the distance of your next shot to the green. Tap on the 'To Green' to see the Distance Arc view of the green.
  • With Distance Arcs enabled, feel free to zoom out and move the target to get a full view of what the shot has in store for you. 
  • The Distance Arcs will remain enabled, however, you will see the distance increments between arcs change as you zoom.

On par 4s and 5s, you can tap 'To Green' to preview your next shot using Distance Arcs. 

Plays Like Distances vs. Traditional Distance

When using Distances Arcs, the Plays Like distances are displayed on the left side of your screen, indicated by the gold information box. Tap the gold Plays Like distance to open the Plays Like breakdown.

Tap either the Wind or Lie Angle buttons to refine the conditions to your exact location.

The traditional distances, measuring the straight distance between the two points, is displayed on the right side of your screen.

The 18Birdies Plays Like system uses multiple data points to show you the distance a shot actually plays, as opposed to the pure distance between the two points.

For more information on the 18Birdies Plays Like system, please see here: 18Birdies Plays Like

Distance Arc Increments

Depending on your zoom level while Distance Arcs are enabled, the arcs will be separated in the following distance increments

5 yards
10 yards
20 yards

Wind Gauge

At any point during your round, tap the Wind icon near the right side of the GPS screen to refine the accuracy of Plays Like distances by tweaking the wind strength & direction to your exact location.

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