Using Blind Shot Compass on the Golf Course

Blind Shot Compass is an exciting tool in 18Birdie Premium that can help you hit more accurate golf shots, even when your view is obstructed.
Blind Shot Compass points you in the right direction of the green regardless of what obstacle is in blocking your view.

Using Blind Shot Compass

  1. While playing a round, tap the GPS+ button in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Make sure GPS+ has an accurate fix on your location. Depending on your cellular service, it can take a few moments for your device to locate itself.
  3. Move the Target Circle to your desired target for the shot.
    This may be the center of the green, or a location in the fairway if you're laying up.
  4. Tap the Compass Icon at the bottom left of the GPS+ screen.
  5. The direction to your target will be indicated by the large, red arrow.
    The direction your device is facing will be indicated by a translucent, blue cone.
    Move your device around so that the arrow and cone match will accurately pinpoint the target's direction from your position.
  6. Grip it and rip it, now that you know where to aim! ;-)

Pro Tip: Blind Shot Compass will only work if you are physically on the golf course.

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03 How to use GPS+ from 18Birdies on Vimeo.

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