Using Notes

Notes are one of the most useful, but underutilized, functions of the app. 

Using Notes

Once you have started a round and you are on the Scoring/GPS screen, tap Tools and then Notes to open the Notes for that specific hole.

You can add notes to the GPS screen by the following.

  1. Tap 'Tools' on the bottom right corner of the GPS screen. 
  2. Tap the blue pin to add the Notes button to the GPS 'Pin to map'. 

You will then be able to tap the Notes icon on the GPS screen at any time to create new notes, update notes with results, or view past recorded notes & results.

At the conclusion of your round, view the full Scorecard and Stats card to quickly see where you entered notes and review what you added.

Pro Tip: Notes will always stay tied to a hole once you have created a note.
For example, if you make a note on hole 1 at Pebble Beach on 1/15/2019, that note will always be there. So when you play a second round on 6/2/2019, the note from January will still be there.

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