18Birdies Leagues

No more spending time on tedious spreadsheets or multiple software programs. With 18Birdies, you can manage your league or tournament in one place, making it easier and more efficient for you to do your job. 

And guess what? It’s 100% FREE!

How to find Leagues in 18Birdies

  1. Open the app and tap Community on the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap Leagues on the top menu bar.

How to create a new League in 18Birdies

  1. Open the app and tap Community on the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap Leagues on the top menu bar.
  3. Tap Create a League to set up a new league.

League overview, description, and logo

To get started, you’ll first need to set the basic details for your league. Give your League a description, which can include important information about your league.

Adding a logo to your league can also elevate the experience for your golfers. Your league logo will display in the Me tab, the Group & Leagues section, and League homepage.

Once you’ve given your league a description and logo, tap Finish to move to the League homepage.

League homepage in 18Birdies

The homepage for your league in 18Birdies is the central location for everything you need in your golf league. Here are the key actions you can take on the league homepage:

  • Access League settings
  • Invite League Members
  • Setup a new League Leaderboard (season)
  • View current and previous leaderboards
  • Post an announcement to your league members
  • Export the league member list

How to invite or add members to a league in 18Birdies

Now that you’ve created your league, your members need to join!

Leagues in 18Birdies are 100% free for your members to join, and a Premium subscription to 18Birdies is not required to join or use any portion of the league or tournament system.

From the League Homepage, tap the blue Invite League Members button.

League Link and QR Code

Your unique league link and league QR code can be shared to any social media platform, text message, email, or other form of digital communication that allows links. Simply include your league link or league QR code with your message or post and send. 

Golfers who already have the 18Birdies app installed will be taken to the app and prompted to accept the invitation to your league.

Golfers who do not have the 18Birdies app installed will be taken to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the 18Birdies app. Once the golfer has downloaded the app and created an account, the golfer will be prompted to accept the invitation to your league. 

Invite from Friends or Other 18Birdies Users

This process resembles the Round Invitation process. Simply select a golfer from your 18Birdies friends list, or search the 18Birdies user database, then tap Invite to send your invitation.

Invited List

Check on the status of all of your league invitations in one place. Golfers who have not yet accepted the invitation to join your league will appear as Pending on the Invited List.

League settings

To access League settings, tap the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the League homepage.

Add Admin from League Members

If multiple league members need administrative abilities for the league, 18Birdies makes it easy. Simply tap Add Admin from League Members on the league settings screen, then select a league member from the roster.

What can a League Admin do?

  • Change/Edit League Settings
  • Post Announcements
  • Create, modify, delete, start, and end league tournaments
  • Add/remove players from league tournaments
  • Edit/correct scores for leagues tournaments and leaderboards
  • Manage league members (add/edit/remove)
  • Add new Admins
  • Delete the league

How to Remove a Tournament from a League Season Leaderboard

  1. From a league admin account, go to the League homepage, and tap the "..." to the right of Current Season. 
  2. Tap the "League Points: Included" label that is directly below the tournament information box. 
  3. Tap the toggle button to Exclude the tournament from the leaderboard.

How to manually add a player to the Leaderboard (Add Leaderboard Entries)

We recommend all players download the app and join your tournament/league. The player is not required to enter scores; others in the group can add that player and keep score. If you need to add a player to the leaderboard manually, try this...

From the tournament leaderboard, tap Add Leaderboard Entries.


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