Match Play

Match Play is a scoring system at its most basic. Match play scoring in golf is as simple as apple pie (or the pie of your choice except for rhubarb). Golfers compete hole-by-hole. The person getting the lowest score gets one point, so there are 18 points up for grabs during the match.

For information on how to set up this game, see the article on Side Games in 18Birdies.

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Basic Rules

Match play can be individual or team-based. The player or team with the lowest score on a hole is the winner of that hole. The winner of each hole wins a point, and the loser of each hole loses a point. No points are awarded for holes that are halved (otherwise known as a tie). Unlike Skins, there are no carryovers in match play.

Team Scoring Options

You have the option to select from the following options below:

  • Use the best score.
  • Add the scores from all players.

Press Settings

Match play includes the option to “Press,” to increase the number of Match points associated with each hole. Players can press on any hole, or select “Auto press,” which increases the number of points per hole on a pre-determined schedule.

Give Strokes

Based on skill levels, players can choose to give each other strokes to level the playing field. The number of strokes given is either determined by each player’s Handicap Index, or can be manually entered.

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