Skins is a fun and popular golf betting game where the lowest score on a hole wins a skin. In the event of a tie, skins can carry over to the next hole.

For information on how to setup this game, see the article on  GameBets in 18Birdies.

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Basic Rules

Each hole is a separate match. The player with the single lowest score on a hole is the winner of the skin on that hole. Each skin has an associated point value (betting units), defined in setup. At the end of the game, the difference in total skins between you and other players will be your final win-loss, and each losing player owes the winner the number of points associated with the difference in skins. Skins can also be played in a team best-ball format, with the same rules as above.


If multiple players claim the lowest score on a hole, the skin for that hole will carry over to the following hole. Carried-over skins are claimed by the player with the lowest score on the following hole.

Note: Carry-over skins may go unclaimed if there is no winner for consecutive holes to end a match. Skin carry-over rules are fully configurable in Skins setup.

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Giving Strokes

Based on skill levels, players can choose to give each other stroked to level the playing field. The number of strokes given is either determined by each player’s Handicap index, or can be manually entered.

Additional Settings

  • Maximum Score to Win Skins: When selected, you can determine what max score is allowed to win a hole. Options are: Par, Bogey or Double Bogey. If Par is selected, that means the winning player must score par or better on the hole to win the skin. If no player scores par or better, the skin will carry to the next hole.
  • Last Hole Winner Takes All: When selected, the winner of the last hole can win all remaining skins for the round.
  • Limit Winning of Carryover Skins: When selected, you can determine how many skins a specific score can win. This can be completely customized from 0-17 skins. The options are listed below with their default settings:

Winning score >= bogey 0 Skins
Winning score = par 1 Skin
Winning score = birdie 3 Skins
Winning score <= eagle 17 Skins

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