The most popular of all golf betting games, Nassau, can trace its origins all the way back to 1896 when a prominent member of Nassau Country Club developed a more “gentlemanly way of playing.” Club member J. B. Coles Tappan devised a three-part scoring system allowing golfers who play poorly on the outgoing nine holes to regain their form, win the back-nine and halve the match (also known as a tie.) And with that, the ever-popular Nassau betting game was born.

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Basic Rules

Nassau is a game that includes three concurrent matches: Front 9 holes, Back 9 holes, and all 18 holes. Each Nassau match is scored in the traditional match-play format, where holes are won, lost or halved based on player or team scores.

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Team Scoring Options

You have the option to select from the following options below:

  • Use the best score
  • Add the scores from all players

Betting Units per Match

You can determine what each of the 3 matches is worth. For example, if you set your betting units to 5, then the most you can win (without a press) is 15 betting units.

Press Settings

When a player is behind in a Nassau match, he/she has the option to press -- and add a new match -- at any point during the round. If “Auto press” is selected, an additional new match will automatically start and run for the remaining holes in the round, when a player or team is down by two holes in a match. Multiple new matches can be added when playing Nassau.

How To Press in a Nassau Match

To Press in the Nassau side game, you'll first need to configure the Press settings for the game during setup.

  1. Once you've started the round, tap the Group icon near the bottom of the GPS screen to open the group scoring & game panel.
  2. Tap the blue Press link to enable the Press, which will prompt you to confirm starting the new pressed match.

Giving Strokes

Based on skill levels, players can choose to give each other strokes to level the playing field. The number of strokes given is either determined by each player’s Handicap Index, or can be manually entered.

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