In the Vegas golf betting game, four golfers split up into two teams, and each team’s score is paired together (not added together, that’s important to remember).

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Basic Rules

On each hole, the scores of each team member are combined to become a team score. 

If Player A and B are a team, and A gets a 4 and B gets a 5, their team score is 45. After each hole, the two teams’ scores are compared, and the team with the lower combined score wins the number of points that represents the difference in team scores.

It is important to note that when pairing and recording team scores, the  lowest number comes first.


Andrew and Randy are on Team 1.
Andrew records 4 strokes and Randy records 5 strokes on the first hole.
Andrew and Randy's team score is 45.

Josh and Gary are on Team 2.
Josh records 5 strokes and Gary records 3 strokes on the first hole.
Because Vegas scoring rules state that the lowest number comes first in the pair, Josh and Gary's team score is 35.

Team 1 = 45
Team 2 = 35

45 (Team 1 score)
- 35 (Team 2 score) = 10

The team with the lowest Team Score is the Winning Team. Team 2 is the Winning Team and is given 10 points for the difference. Team 2 leads the game by 10 points.


The scores of each team member are combined to become a team score, where the lower score is used as the first digit and the higher score is used as the second digit. If the two teams get a 45 and 56, respectively, each member of the team that scored 45 wins 11 Vegas points, and each member of the losing team loses 11 points. The team with the lowest Team Score is the Winning Team.

Team 1 = 45 Team Score = -10 Points
Team 2 = 35 Team Score = +10 Points
Team 2 is the Winning Team 

Team Formation

On the first tee, you have two options for team formations.

Dynamic Teams

You will select starting teams for the first hole, and after the first hole is completed (and for the remaining 17 holes), players with the lowest and highest score from the previous hole, respectively, will be grouped together for the next hole, against the other two players.

Fixed Teams

Keep the same teams for the entire round.

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Flips & Doubles

When selected, you can choose to turn on or off three different options.

  • A birdie flips the opponent’s team score.
  • 2 birdies flip and double the score difference.
  • An eagle flips and doubles the score difference.

On a Par 4, Team A scores a 4 and 3, for a 34. While, Team B scores a 3 and 2, for a 23.
Team A = 34 ; Team B = 23

Team A Score is flipped because Team B scored an eagle
Team B score is flipped because Team A scored a birdie
Team A = 43; Team B = 32 (Team B remains the winning team)

43 - 32 = 10 Points
The 10-point difference is doubled because Team B scored an eagle

Team B wins 20 Points

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Tied Hole Multipliers

In the event of a tied team score, you can select how the value of the next hole increases, either incrementally (e.g., 2x, 3x, 4x, etc.) or exponentially (2x, 4x, 8x, etc.).

Note: When playing with dynamic teams, team pairings on double holes will remain the same as on the previous hole. The multiplier in place will apply to the number of Vegas points that the winning team accrues.

Three Players Vegas

While Vegas is traditionally a four-player game, a group of only three players may play this game as well. In this case, teams must be set up as 2 vs. 1. The single player’s score will be counted twice to form his team-score, so if he/she scores a 4, his/her Vegas score will become a 44.

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