Can I Use the App Without Data or an Internet Connection?

We have had questions on whether the 18Birdies app can be used when there is no internet or cellular connection available. The 18Birdies app does require a stable network connection to use all of the features, though there are some steps you can take before you head to the golf course that will allow you to use many functions of the app while offline.

What you can do while using the app offline

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What you cannot do while using the app offline

Start an Offline Round

  1. While you are still in an area where you are connected to the internet, follow the steps to Start Round.
  2. Using your finger, move the map around the entirety of the course, making sure to zoom in on most areas until you see the map is clear and has been fully loaded. 
  3. Go to the golf course and make sure you do not sign out of the app!
    To be safe, we recommend keeping the app open as you go to the golf course to ensure that the loaded data is not reset.

Once you are at the golf course and no longer have a cellular or internet/WiFi connection, you should be able to record your scores and statistics with no issue.

You will notice that when you tap the GPS+ button to access the GPS mapping that there will be a Network Unavailable message at the top of your screen, but no need to worry! You have loaded the course mapping before you went to the course and made sure to zoom in on all areas, so you should now be able to manually use the GPS and move the tee and target markers to get an idea of distances.

You will not be able to use the Track Shot feature when playing an offline round because a live GPS signal is required.

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