Using GPS on the Golf Course

Never look for a yardage marker again, period!

Powered by Google Maps, we verify every single tee marker, landing zone, and hole location for over 35,000 courses around the world - ensuring you have the most accurate mobile GPS rangefinder on the market.

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18Birdies GPS+ on the golf course

  1. Once the round has started, tap maximize on the bottom menu bar.
  2. The white 'ball with tee' icon represents the default tees (typically the farthest back set of tees).
    • The default tee icon can be moved by touching the tee icon and dragging it to the desired location; distances will automatically update.
  3. The white target circle in the fairway represents the suggested hitting target from the tee.
    • The white target circle can be moved by touching the target circle and dragging it to the desired location; distances will automatically update.
  4. The yellow pin flag represents the middle location of the green.
    • Tap and drag the white target circle to the green to get updated distances for the front, middle and back portions of the green, or simply tap the yellow flag on the green.
  5. The blue circle represents your actual location on the hole, as determined by the GPS locator within your device.
    • Distances will update automatically, relative to your actual location.
  6. The first set of numbers near the bottom of the screen represent the distance from the tee (or your blue circle) to the white target circle.
  7. The second set of numbers near the top of the screen represent the distance from the white target circle to the green.
    • From 202 yards and closer, the distance to the green will change to the distances to front, middle and back portions of the green.
  8. To start Shot Tracking, tap Add Shot.
  9. Tap the pencil icon to quickly enter your score or stats.
  10. The grey box on the right side of the screen is where you will enter your Notes, get weather information and see your relation to Par.
    • Tap the grey box to see detailed weather information.
  11. This section shows what hole you are playing, the par value, handicap and the total distance of the hole.
    • Tap the Hole number to quickly jump to another hole.
  12. Tap the top target circle to refresh your exact location. Tap the Compass to use the Blind Shot Compass.
    • The Blind Shot Compass is useful for when you are in a position on the course where you cannot see the green. Tap the Blind Shot Compass and center the compass pointer to the blue directional triangle - this will point you in the right direction.
  13. When you're ready to go the next hole, simply press "Hole X >"
    Currently, 18Birdies doesn't support automatic advancement to the next hole, but we are working on both. We'll be sure to update you once they are released.

Pro Tips: From the fullscreen GPS view, you can zoom in and change the viewing angle of every hole to help plan shots from the GPS

  • Navigate to the relevant hole
  • Toggle the GPS to fullscreen mode
  • Place 2 fingers on the area you wish to zoom in on and spread them in the opposite direction.
  • Rotate 2 fingers in the direction you want to change the viewing angle and location of the yardage circles
  • Press, hold and drag one finger over the screen to capture different areas on the hole.
  • Press the reticle in the lower, left corner to return to the hole's default view

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