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Tracking Your Statistics

Get more insight into your game by analyzing your golf stats.

Tracking Stats

Manual Tracking
  1. Once a golf round has started, tap the Enter Scorecard button at the bottom of the GPS screen.
  2. Tap Open stats.
  3. Complete the respective statistic categories.
  4. Tap Done to return to the hole scoring screen.
Filters & Automatic Tracking (Premium Subscribers)
  1. Get an even more in-depth look into your game with Filters.
  2. When you have started a golf round, use the Shot Tracking feature to automatically track stats like Strokes Gained, Fairways Hit, Green in Regulation, Putts, Chip Shots, Greenside Sand Shots and Penalties!

Sounds awesome, right? Click here to open the app and start your round!

Historical Hole-by-Hole Stats

18Birdies has introduced historical hole stats available during your round for classic stats! View your best and your average performance by hole compared to the course average for the following stats:

  • Score
  • Driving Distance - Track those shots!
  • Greens in Regulation
  • Fairways Hit
  • Putts

Premium Members will also be able to compare these hole-by-hole stats to different handicap groups, just as you can with strokes gained stats!

To access your hole-by-hole stats during a round
  1. Tap the Tools button on the bottom left corner of the GPS screen.
  2. Tap Course Insights to see a more detailed historical stats page! 

  • View your personal best, personal average, and compare to the course average of all rounds played at this course

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