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The origins of the golf betting game Wolf are as mysterious as the woodland creature itself … no one really knows. A society of die-hard Wolf fanatics – dubbed the Weekday Wolves Golf Club – formed in 2003, but they aren’t credited with creating the betting game. Regardless of who was responsible for forming the rules of Wolf, this fun betting game is definitely one you and your golf buddies need to try.

Basic Rules

Before teeing off on the first hole, the order of play is decided randomly through the app or manually by the player. The “Wolf” is either the first player to tee off or the last player to tee off. Going first allows the Wolf to see his/her shot before deciding to pick a partner or go alone, while going last eliminates this element.

For each hole, players rotate the tee-off order (first hole 1, 2, 3, 4 and on the second hole 2, 3, 4, 1 and so forth). Each player will be the wolf once every four holes. On the 17th and 18th holes the first and second place players are Wolf, respectively.

After teeing off, the Wolf has the following options:

  • Choose from one of the three players to team up OR
  • Decide to play the hole alone. Better know as the “Lone Wolf”

The Wolf can also choose to be a “Blind Wolf” calling that he/she will play alone before anyone tees off. The rewards the Blind Wolf with more points if they win.


Hole 1
  1. Tony, Alex, Kyle and Trevor are playing in a foursome and start the game Wolf.
  2. Tony is the first player on the scorecard, so Tony tees off first.
  3. Alex tees off and hits it into the woods. Tony passes on Alex.
  4. Kyle tees off and hits a good tee shot, but a little off the fairway. Tony passes on Kyle.
  5. Trevor tees off and hits a perfect drive down the middle, 350 yards (he ate his morning spinach).
  6. Tony picks Trevor as his partner and they play the hole out as a team.
  7. Tony and Trevor win the hole.

    Tony and Trevor win 2 points – one point from each opponent.
    Kyle and Alex each lose 2 points – one point to each opponent.
Hole 2
  1. Alex is the second player on the scorecard, so Alex tees off.
  2. Kyle tees off and hits a decent shot, but Alex thinks Trevor or Tony can do better. Alex passes on Kyle.
  3. Trevor tees off and hits another 350 yard drive down the middle. Alex picks Trevor.
  4. Tony hits it 360 yards right down the middle! Alex cannot pick Tony though since Alex already picked Trevor.
  5. Alex and Trevor play the hole out as a team.
  6. Tony and Kyle win the hole.

    Tony and Kyle win 2 points – one point from each opponent.
    Trevor and Alex each lose 2 points – one point to each opponent.
Hole 3
  1. Kyle is the third player on the scorecard, so Kyle tees off.
  2. Trevor tees off and hits a great iron into the par 3, about 15 feet from the pin. Kyle thinks the other two might do better so he passes on Trevor.
  3. Tony steps up and hits one right into the water. Kyle passes on Tony.
  4. Alex tees off and hits a shot over the back of the green into the bunker.
  5. Kyle wants to pick Trevor, but he can’t. Once he passed on Trevor, he can’t go back and pick a player he passed on.
  6. Kyle decides to go it alone. Kyle is the Lone Wolf and plays the hole out.

    Kyle wins the hole and earn 6 points as the Lone Wolf.
    Kyle earns 6 points as the Lone Wolf because a x2 multiplier is applied to each losing opponent.
    Tony, Trevor, and Alex, instead of losing just 1 point each, each lose 2 points.
    Nice playing, Kyle!
Hole 4
  1. Trevor has been playing the best so far and has little confidence in his playing competitors. Knowing the risk, Trevor declares himself the Blind Wolf and hits his tee shot right down the middle.
  2. Tony, Alex and Kyle all tee off
  3. Trevor does not win the hole.

    Trevor loses 9 points – ouch!
    Trevor loses 9 points as the Blind Wolf because an x3 multiplier is applied to each of his opponents winnings.
    Tony, Alex, and Kyle each win 3 points from Trevor.

    This risk vs. rewards element is what makes Wolf such an exciting game!

At the end of the four holes, the point total reads:

  • Tony (5 points)
  • Alex (-3 points)
  • Kyle (9 points)
  • Trevor (-11 points)

Kyle has the lead after four holes, but this is Wolf… anything can happen from here.


That was a wolf howl if you were wondering :-)

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