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Starting a Round
Distances, Navigation, Scoring, and Stats
Track your shot How to enable Strokes Gained on your Wear OS device
Trouble Syncing or Connecting
Turn Off Stat Tracking (Track Stats)

Wear OS is an amazing piece of technology. With the 18Birdies Wear OS app, we bring you an easier take on the 18Birdies experience. Now you can score your round, log stats, and get distances directly from Wear OS!

Important Information about Wear OS and 18Birdies

  • Ensure your Wear OS device is updated to the latest Wear OS for optimal app functionality.

Before you begin, please enable GPS location permissions for both Wear OS and your phone. This will allow the app to find the golf course closest to you.

The app may function on older Wear OS versions, but the experience may vary.

  • GPS distances are based on your watch location, not your phone, providing accuracy without carrying your phone around the course. 
  • Both Bluetooth and cellular watches can utilize this feature, but Bluetooth-only devices need to stay within 10 yards of your phone to avoid disruptions. 
  • Note that GPS distances may differ between your watch and phone app.

Account Login & Registration

Account login and new account registration are only supported via the mobile phone app. If the watch app is not registered & logged in along with your phone app, you will receive a mobile phone login prompt.

Set up Wear OS from the 18Birdies app.

  1. Launch the 18Birdies App.
  2. Tap Me in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the "..." in the upper right corner.
  4. Scroll down and tap Settings to open the App Settings.
  5. Tap Connect Wear OS.

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Setting up Wear OS in a round

  1. Launch the 18Birdies app.
  2. Tap Play and complete the round setup process to head into the GPS screen.
  3. Tap Tools in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. Tap Settings.
  5. Tap Connect Wear OS.

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Starting a Round in 18Birdies on Wear OS

The watch will check if you have played a round at the current course (closest to you). If yes, it will display the last round type, starting hole, and tee. If not, the app will guide you through the selection process.

  1. Launch the 18Birdies app on your watch; tap on the 18Birdies icon to open the app on Wear OS.
  2. The app will automatically display the course nearest to you. Select 'Start Round' to start your round at this course. Alternatively, Tap 'Change Course' to display a list of other nearby courses; tap a course to start your round.
  3. Select the Round Type (18 or 9 holes) your starting hole (1-9 or 1-18), and tees.

Tournament Rounds on the Watch

The watch will check if the user has an ongoing tournament in the current golf course. You may be asked if you want to enable the tournament round; if you agree, the tournament round process will follow.

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Distances, Navigation, Scoring, and Stats

The GPS distances on Wear OS are based on the location of your watch, not your phone. This means that you don't have to carry your phone around on the course to get accurate distances.

  • Both Bluetooth and cellular Wear OS is compatible with this feature. However, if you have a Bluetooth-only device, you'll need to stay within 10 yards of your phone to avoid any pairing disruptions.
  • Keep in mind that GPS distances on Wear OS may vary from those on your phone app. This is because the distances are based on the location of your watch rather than your phone. 

Getting Distances

From the Distance screen, you should see three numbers corresponding to the remaining Back, Middle, and Front distances to the green

Plays Like Distances on the watch

For 18Birdies Premium subscribers, enjoy exclusive access to Plays Like Distances on the watch. As with the phone app, the displayed distances will adjust based on wind, elevation, altitude, and weather.

If you have enabled Tournament Mode on the your phone, you will not have access to Plays Like distances, and other features that may violate rules restricting distance measure devices. Learn more here.

Entering Scores 

Tap the blue pencil icon on the distance screen to open the watch scoring panel. Select the total number of strokes taken (score).

Entering Stats

After entering a score, you will be prompted to enter Fairway Hit, Green in Regulation, Putts, Chip Shots, Greenside Sand Shots, and Penalties. 

Entering your Stats is optional however, your stat history in the app will be more accurate if you enter these details. To skip Stats, tap the Skip icon in the upper right corner of each prompt.

Use the crown of your watch to scroll.

Hole Summary

When you have completed scores & stats for a hole, the app will present a detailed hole summary. The hole summary includes the score & stats entered for that hole.

Use the crown of your watch to scroll.

Advancing to Next Hole

Tap Finish Hole to confirm the hole details and move to the next hole.

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Finish your round

When you've completed all holes, you'll be prompted to confirm your total score. To view more details about the round, tap Check on Phone

If your scorecard is incomplete, we'll prompt you to complete the scorecard, enter a total score, delete the round, or finish the round anyway (incomplete).

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Track your golf shot in 18Birdies using the watch

To track your golf shot directly from the watch, tap the Track Shot icon in the bottom left corner of the GPS distance screen.

You will see your shot distance automatically start to track. Tap Save Shot to stop tracking and confirm the details for the shot. 

Tap Club to change the club you used for the shot, then use the crown of your watch to scroll & find the club you used. Select from your full club list of from Recommended Clubs.

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Strokes Gained

As an 18Birdies Premium Member, you can now use Wear OS with our strokes gained scoring mode! To edit strokes gained shots after you have entered them on Wear OS, you must use your phone

How Enable Strokes Gained on Your Wear OS Device in 18Birdies 

  1. Open 18Birdies and tap Play on the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap 'Start Round' to Start a round of golf on your phone.
    You will change the round settings from your phone, but have your watch open and ready to go to ensure the devices are connected.
  3. When the round is started, and you are on the GPS screen, tap Tools in the bottom right corner.
  4. You'll see a pop-up screen appear; tap Settings at the top of the pop-up screen.
  5. Scroll down to find Strokes Gained. Tap the toggle next to Strokes Gained; the toggle should turn blue.
  6. You should see a blue 'Add Shot 1' button when you return to the GPS screen. This replaces the traditional Track Shot icon and indicates that the Strokes Gained scoring system has been enabled.
    This feature will remain enabled on your account for all future rounds you play, until you disable the feature. You will still see the adjusted Plays Like Distances and Club Recommendations on the main GPS screen.
  7. At the same time, you should see the Track Shot icon update on your watch to 'Add Shot 1'. The Club Recommendation data is removed when this is enabled, so you will need to refer to your phone for additional details.
  8. When playing and on the 1st tee box, tap ‘Add Shot 1’ to mark where you will hit your first shot from. 
  9. Next, confirm your distance to the hole and select your lie and club. Then walk or ride to your ball.
  10. Once you get to your ball, tap “Add Shot 2” and follow the previous steps to confirm your distance, lie   and   club.
  11. After reaching the green, select “Green” as your lie.
    1. Adjust the Dist. to Hole to change the length of your putt.
    2. If you miss the putt, tap ‘Add Another Putt’ to record the putt and start another putt.
    3. Repeat steps 5A-5B above until you finish the hole. Then tap “Finish Hole”
    4.  When you finish the hole, swipe to the  right-hand  screen and see a Hole 1 shot summary screen. If you need to edit any shots, you can do so from your phone.

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Trouble Syncing or Connecting

If you lose cellular or Bluetooth connection during the round

Your scores will be saved on your watch at the end of your round. Once your watch is within cellular range and the connection is restored, it will automatically sync your scores to your phone. You can then view your scores and statistics on your phone through the 18Birdies app.

General Troubleshooting

If your Wear OS and Android device are compatible with the specifications mentioned above, our first suggestion is to try logging out of the app on your phone and then log back in.

How To Log Out

  1. Open the app and tap Me on the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap the three white dots in the upper right corner
  3. Scroll down and tap App Settings
  4. Scroll down and tap Log Out.

You should then be taken to the sign-in screen.

Log Back In

  1. On the sign-in screen, tap 'Already have an account? Log In'
  2. Tap Log in with Email. Use the phone verification method if your account does not have an email linked.
  3. Enter the email your account is registered to and the corresponding password
  4. Tap Log In.

Account Login & Registration

Account login and new account registration are only supported via the mobile phone app. If the watch app is not registered & logged in along with your phone app, you will receive a mobile phone login prompt.

Google Pixel Watch Screen Timeout

Q: Why does the 18Birdies app keep closing on my Google Pixel Watch 2 with Wear OS 4? 
A: This is a known issue with the 18Birdies app on Wear OS for Google Pixel Watch devices. The app won't stay on the 18Birdies watch app after the screen turns off. We are working on a resolution for this but we do not have a solid timeframe to offer.

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How to turn off stat tracking (Track Stats) on Wear OS

You can turn off the stat tracking from the Settings screen using the toggle button. To remove the stat-entry prompts so you'll only be prompted to enter your score, please try this:

  1. Start a round to enter the GPS screen on the watch.
  2. Long press (Press firmly) to bring up the options menu.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Ensure the Track Stats toggle is turned to the 'Off' position. The Track Stats toggle is in the "On" position in the screenshot below. The toggle button should be grey to disable stat tracking on the watch.


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