Round Stats

From the Round Summary, tap each statistic graphic to enlarge the graphic and view the ‘Round stats’ screen. You can tap your name in the upper right corner to display a dropdown menu of other players in your group. 

Tap another player’s name to view that player's stats. Tap the square/arrow icon near the upper right corner to share your round and stats to the 18Birdies Feed.

Scoring Line

This graphic represents your score in relation to the course pars. Your score is represented by the blue line and the course par is represented by the black line. If your blue line is below the black line, this means you are under par. If your blue line is above the black line, you are over par and should play more golf

Score Distribution

This pie-graph represents the number of Birdies or better, Pars or better, Bogeys, and Double bogeys or worse

Par Averages

This bar graphic displays your scoring average for Par 3, Par 4, and Par 5 holes

Example: The Par 4 column is a darker green, the lighter green above the Par line represents your score. Any strokes taken over a hole’s par will count against your average and will expand the light green bar above the Par line.


This graphic represents how successful your round was in relation to the Targets you set at the beginning of your round

To access your hole-by-hole stats during a round

  1. Tap the 'Tools' button on the bottom right corner of the GPS screen.
  2. Scroll down and Tap 'Hole Insights'.
  3. View your personal best, personal average, and compare to the course average of all rounds played at this course. (Looks like I need some AI Coach Drills before the round begins!)

Tap the Filter icon near the upper right corner to open the Historical Stats - Filter Edit screen.

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