Sharing Your Round of Golf

Sharing your golf experiences with friends is a core principle of 18Birdies.

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Share While Playing a Round
Share After Playing a Round

Share Your Scorecard, Hole, or Round of Golf with Friends While Playing a Round:

  1. In the Scoring/GPS overlay, tap the share button located near the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Review the preview post then select from one of the Share To Options:
    1. Sharing a round via text message (SMS) will open a text message draft on your device. A preview of your scorecard and a link to the app are already included. All you need to do is add your friend.
    2. Sharing a round to the 18Birdies Feed will make your round go "Live" - Your friends and followers can turn on round notifications to follow along with each hole you score.
    3. Sharing your round to Facebook will create a new post on your timeline. Your scorecard and a link to the app are automatically included.
      Shared rounds are visible to users on Facebook per your privacy settings in Facebook.
    4. Tap the More (...) icon to see more options for sharing. These options can vary by device and while all shareable assets are in general standard forms, 18Birdies is ultimately unable to guarantee functionality when sharing to 3rd party apps.

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Share Your Scorecard, Hole, or Round of Golf with Friends After a Round

  1. Once you've completed a round of golf, you'll see your Round Summary. 
  2. Locate & tap the Share button at the bottom of your Round Summary.

  3. To add a custom photo to your scorecard, tap Add Photo
  4. Pick a great photo from your Camera Roll. When you're happy with the way it looks, tap Share Scorecard.
  5. Select from the same sharing channels as available

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