Viewing and Adding Friends

Connect and Compete With Friends

18Birdies is your place to build a network of golf friends and to share your love for the game of golf. Celebrate your great rounds and favorite courses, be social and share what’s important to you.

The 18Birdies community is more than half a million users strong. See how other people are experiencing the sport of golf and encourage others to participate with you.

This is your community – have fun and enjoy it!

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Add friends in the 18Birdies app

  1. Open the app and tap the Add Friends icon at the top of the screen. 


  1. Tap 18Birdies to search through the entire 18Birdies user database. 
  2. Enter a friend's name into the "Search all 18Birdies users" box.
  3.  When you find your friend, tap Add next to their name to connect with that user on the app.


  1. Tap Contacts to search through the existing contact list on your device. 
  2. Scroll through your contact list; people in your contact list who are not currently 18Birdies users will have an ‘Invite’ button next to their name
  3. Tap Invite.
  4. Select an option for this user to send an invitation to their phone or email, depending on how much information you have entered in your device for this person.

People in your contact list who are already 18Birdies users will have an Add button next to their name. Tap the Add button to send a friend request to this user.

Please note that you will need to allow 18Birdies to access your contacts list in order to view/add/invite people from your contacts list to 18Birdies

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Remove Friends

  1. Open the app and tap 'Me' on the bottom menu bar; you should be taken to your Profile.
  2. Tap 'Friends'.
  3. Scroll down until you find the other 18Birdies user you wish to remove from your friends' list; tap their name.
  4. On their player profile, tap the white 'Friends' button near the top of their profile. 

    The button should turn blue and the checkmark should be removed. This indicates that the user has been removed from your friends' list.

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