Profile Overview

The Me section of 18Birdies is the dashboard for your personal golf game. 

In this section, we will give you a breakdown of what is in your Player Profile (Me) and what each section means.


Tap each section to view your friends, round history and your handicap history at the top of your player profile.

Stats (Free) or Advanced Stats (Premium)

View detailed stats for your rounds. Learn more about the different stats and charts in the stats article.

Golf Bag

This is your digital golf bag! Click here to learn how to build your Golf Bag -> Adding, Editing and Removing Clubs


If you have tracked any shots through Caddy+, you can find them here organized by club or by round. Learn about tracked shots and more in the Caddy+ article.


Earn achievements for accomplishing specific milestones in your golf game.


View how you rank in multiple categories compared to friends, private groups and players at your followed courses.

Round History

View all rounds you’ve entered in 18Birdies. Tap into each round to view the Round Summary and detailed information about the round.

Remove a round from Round History

  1. Open the app and tap Me.
  2. Tap the 'Rounds Played'.
  3. Tap the round you wish to remove to open the Round Summary page.
  4. Tap the Trash icon near the bottom left corner.
  5. Tap Delete to remove the round. Your handicap calculation, achievement results and leaderboard ranking will be removed as well.


View all of your Feed posts here. This includes any rounds, pictures, videos and posts that you have added to the Feed.


View all of the 18Birdies players you are following in the app. Posts to the Feed from Followed Players will appear on your Feed.

18Birdies Verified Players are automatically followed by all 18Birdies Players when a new account is created. These players are indicated by a blue check mark.

  1. Open the app and tap Me.
  2. Tap Following.
  3. Tap the Following circle next to an 18Birdies user's name to unfollow.


Create a new group, manage group invitations and view Tournament/Private groups you are a member of.

Payment Method

Setup and manage your payment methods here.

Transaction History

View your transaction history here.

Promo Codes

Use this section to enter a promo code.

Support & FAQ

Please use this section to contact Support for any questions or concerns you may have. We are always here to help!

Restore Subscription

If you have encountered an issue with your 18Birdies account not transferring to a Premium subscription status, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Apple ID/iTunes account login information
  2. Tap OK

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