Will the App Automatically Advance to the Next Hole?

Currently, 18Birdies does not automatically advance to the next hole. We have designed it that way, as our users input their respective scores and stats in a variety of ways. We want to give our users the flexibility to choose whether they want to enter stats or not, rather than require certain fields be filled out before automatically proceeding to the next hole.

To navigate between holes in GPS, simply press on the arrows (< >) on the side of the screen. They are circled in the screenshots below:

        85_eHGAfxn6cKiMhtO82x3Nj-zPZ9C8JUfUJ2Baq2qRMNaDdizAYnvgj20L9G7W_Ab92pO8Vqn-tn__sLqRlUDrozFK55xX_GLmlWU5f6_K6x2lnW8ebIwT46cfse3J5kypSWesf                       CkjHB4SgnvyPcKeHXFl3hIFABZ368Pmx10asN5R3UAFLEW-fT99wOeVexcG7b-xrBdIjB9Ncq1k0bkMap6kz8YmUa67C7npzlrxybPBQVKAeXkPjlRP6ZzyyKjCBp-smSX57OKBE

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