How to Use Strokes Gained

To have the app keep track of your Strokes Gained, you must be an 18Birdies Premium Member and have strokes gained scoring enabled.

Strokes Gained Steps

Add Shot 1
Move the Green marker
Complete Shot Details
Start second shot
Finish second shot
Complete Shot Details
Change the lie to green
Change the putt length
Add another putt
Adjust distance to hole
Finish the Hole
Your score and Strokes Gained

  1. When you have started your round and you are on hole 1 tee, tap Add Shot 1 to start tracking your shot
  2. Drag the Green, Shot #1 marker to where your tee shot started from. 
  3. Complete the respective shot details (Shape, Height, Lie, Dist. to Middle and Club) and save, turning the green, Shot #1 marker to blue
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  4. Tap Add Shot 2 when you get to your ball after your tee shot.
  5. Hit your shot and then drag the Green, Shot #2 marker to where your 2nd shot lay.

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  6. Complete the respective shot details and save, turning the Green, Shot #2 marker to blue. Repeat this step until you reach the green.
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  7. When your ball gets to the green, tap Add Shot and change the lie to 'Green'.

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  8. Complete the Dist. to Hole to change the length of your putt.

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  9. If you miss the putt, tap +Putt/Shot to record the putt and start another putt.

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  10. Adjust the Dist. to Hole and follow the steps above until you make the putt.

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  11. When you make the putt, tap Finish Hole.
  12. Near the bottom of the screen, your Score and your Stokes Gained are listed.
  13. To advance to the next hole, tap the bottom right arrow and then tap Add Shot 1 and follow the same steps as above.

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