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How to Post to the Feed

To post to the feed, Tap the 'Feed' on the bottom left corner of the screen and then tap the following icon on the bottom right.

This will take you to the 'Create a post' screen.

  1. The 'Post' button. This will finalize and submit your post to your feed.
  2. Group option. Tap this to change the group who sees your post. Please keep in mind that 'Public' just means your own friends will be able to see your posts and not every 18Birdies user.
  3. This is where you can type a message that will be displayed with your post.
  4. Round information. If you are sharing a round to the feed, either live or post, this is what will show.
  5. Share to Facebook. Tap this button to make the post to your Facebook timeline. (The post will follow your timeline privacy settings) 
  6. Tag a Course. This will allow you to tag a specific course in the post if you wish.

Sounds awesome, right? Click here to open the app on your device and start your round!

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11 How to Use The Feed from 18Birdies on Vimeo.

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