How Does Altitude Affect Plays Like Distances?

Traveling from Denver to Carlsbad on a golf trip? 18Birdies has you covered!

 If a golfer lives in Denver and travels to Carlsbad for a golf trip, 18Birdies will tell them how much shorter their shots will be compared to back home in Denver. While this is an extreme example, these differences can help prevent the short / long shots and help you hit more greens while you're at a new course!

18Birdies will automatically take the elevation of your first round and set that as your baseline. To edit the Altitude baseline for the 'Plays Like' adjustments, open the Plays Like panel and tap 'Adjust' to open the Baseline altitude change. Slide the button up or down to match the altitude of your home course.

Pro Tip: We strongly suggest that you verify your home altitude by manually checking your baseline on the Plays Like information screen.

Plays Like – The greatest Caddy on tour, in your pocket

By looking at the science of how a golf ball is affected by temperature, elevation change, wind, altitude, and other conditions – 18Birdies will help you factor all of these elements into playing the perfect distance.  

It’s like having a scientist in your golf bag who determines what distance to hit just like the best caddies on tour. To learn how to open the Plays Like panel, please see the Plays Like Article

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