How Does Temperature Affect Plays Like Distances?

Play your best, even in poor weather conditions! 

The rule of thumb is that for every 10 degrees in temperature difference you can expect a change of just over a yard of distance depending on how far you are from the hole. 

Typically you’ll find that warm weather has less impact on the ball than cold weather does, in cold weather where you often wear jackets which can slow down your swing speed even more. 

We start with a baseline of 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) for how a ball normally flies. We suggest golfers add (+) more distance to a shot if the temperature is colder and take off (-) distance if the temperature is warmer.

To manually adjust the Temperature, tap Adjust next to the temperature on the Plays Like Panel and slide the button up or down to increase / decrease the temperature.

Plays Like – The greatest Caddy on tour, in your pocket

By looking at the science of how a golf ball is affected by temperature, elevation change, wind, altitude, and other conditions – 18Birdies will help you factor all of these elements into playing the perfect distance.  

It’s like having a scientist in your golf bag who determines what distance to hit just like the best caddies on tour. 

To learn how to open the Plays Like panel, please see the Plays Like Article

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