How Does Wind Affect Plays Like Distances?

Think of the wind as either the extra “resistance” or extra “oomph” you might need on a shot. 

You’ll find that wind into your face hurts the distance of a shot more than when the wind is at your back pushing the ball forward. We’ve factored all of this into our calculations to let you know how to judge any type of shot with wind and even figure out crosswinds.  

You’ll see the (+) sign indicates you should add ‘X’ distance on the shot you need to hit when hitting into the wind, and the (-) sign indicates you should take off ‘X’ distance on downwind shots compared to when there is no wind. 

You can manually change the wind speed by moving the slider until you have reached the correct wind intensity. To adjust the Wind Direction, tap and move the dot around the compass to match your current wind direction. 

Plays Like – The greatest Caddy on tour, in your pocket

By looking at the science of how a golf ball is affected by temperature, elevation change, wind, altitude, and other conditions – 18Birdies will help you factor all of these elements into playing the perfect distance.  

It’s like having a scientist in your golf bag who determines what distance to hit just like the best caddies on tour. 

To learn how to open the Plays Like panel, please see the Plays Like Article

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