How is the 18Birdies Handicap different from the World Handicap & USGA Handicap?

The 18Birdies Handicap uses similar inputs to a USGA®  handicap in that both rely upon use of the Course Rating™ and Slope Rating® for a given golf course.  The handicaps differ as follows:

18Birdies USGA®
Will calculate a handicap for as few as 1 - 5 rounds of golf played. Will only calculate a handicap when at least 5 rounds have been played.
No maximum handicap. Maximum handicap of 54
No adjustment to your handicap for unusually bad scores on a hole or bad weather. Accounts for unusually bad holes or bad weather with Equitable Stroke Control™
No multiplication adjustment for your handicap. Multiplies your score by 0.96 to determine your handicap.
Will use a score from 9 holes to calculate your handicap (scored multiplied by 2) Combines 9 holes from different courses or different rounds to get one 18-hole score.

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