Why do some rounds have different handicap differentials?

To calculate a golf handicap correctly, we have to apply a rule for maximum hole score. When a golfer scores over double par, the handicap system should apply a maximum net double bogey, equal to a double bogey plus any handicap strokes you are entitled to receive based on your course handicap.

Scenario: If my course handicap is 4 and I'm playing hole one (par 4), which gives me a stroke because it's the 4th hardest hole, and I record 8 strokes, my net max score is 6 (double par) + 1 (stroke for handicap), so I max at a 7. This adjusted score is what should be used to calculate my handicap.

Hole-by-hole score entry vs. Total Score Entry

In some scenarios, you may see a different handicap differential calculated for a round. Often, this can be attributed to how the round was entered.

If a round is entered using hole-by-hole scoring, 18Birdies can apply the maximum hole score rule because the app will know the strokes entered for the respective holes.

Suppose a round is entered, and only the Total Score is provided. In that case, the app will know what strokes were attributed to what holes and calculate the handicap differential without including the maximum hole score adjustment.

To ensure the most accurate handicap adjustments, we recommend entering a hole-by-hole score for each round. This will allow the app to factor in the hole par, handicap, and other details that impact your handicap calculation.

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