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Record and Edit and Swing Video

  1. Open the app and tap AI Coach
  2. Tap Begin Swing Assessment.
  3. Record your swing in either a Face On or Down the Line view.
  4. Once you’re done recording the swing, use the scrub box to shorten the video; tap Next when done.
  5. Select the correct Video Type details.
  6. Tap Start Analysis.

Do you have an Apple iPhone model greater than 10? If so, you can auto capture multiple swings with a single recording. Simply hit record and swing. We'll capture your swings and immediately start processing once your end your recording. 

How to Edit Your Video

Once you have finished recording and you are on the video editing screen, your full video will load in the bottom time bar but you will only see the pre-time 6 second section.

Simply tap inside of the time bar and drag directionally to the left until you find the beginning of your swing.

Once you have your swing in the time bar, tap and drag the white line on the left or right side of the time bar to refine your video length.

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