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Solid Shot

Solid Shot is a new golf stat that challenges the status quo. 

It’s not about going low anymore – it’s about living in those feel-good moments that keep you coming back for more. With our Solid Shots counter, you'll record every Solid Shot you hit during your round – and watch them add up as you play. 

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What is a Solid Shot?

The idea is that YOU decide what is a Solid Shot based on your own personal game.

Simply – Solid Shots are the shots that feel great and sound great. You know, the ones that keep you coming back to the course day after day. It’s those shots that you’re still talking about on the 19th hole. Just that little bit of “golf crack” that we can’t get enough of.

Using the Solid Shot feature is completely free, and is now one of the many stats included with Statistics.

How To Record a Solid Shot

Once you've crushed that drive, striped your 7 iron, or pulled off that miraculous fade around the trees, simply tap the Solid Shot button at the bottom of the GPS screen to add the shot.

You'll see your Solid Shot counter record the first Solid Shot. When you hit your next Solid Shot, just tap the same Solid Shot button to record more and watch your Solid Shots skyrocket!

Track Shot Location

It's still there and works the same as it always has. Just look for Shot Tracking in Advanced Tools.

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