Tournament Handicap Settings

Tournaments in 18Birdies offer the following options for using and applying players' handicaps.

Use Player’s Full Handicap

Selecting the Use Player's Full Handicap option will take the player’s full handicap when scoring for net events.

Cap at a Maximum Value

Tournament organizers can set a maximum handicap for the player’s handicap to be used for scoring a net event.

  • Best used for events that want to limit the amount of strokes given to high handicapped players
  • Men’s maximum handicap recommendation ~ 36
  • Ladies maximum handicap recommendation ~ 40

Use Percentage of Handicap

Tournament organizers can set a percentage of the player’s handicap to be used for scoring a net event.

  • Tap ‘Use percentage of handicap’
  • Use slider bars to select percentage of handicap desired
  • Tap ‘Cap at a maximum value’ to select a cap for player’s handicaps

Use Peoria System

Prior to the start of the tournament, the tournament organizer selects six “secret” holes. Typical hole selections are two (2) par 3’s, two (2) par 4’s and two (2) par 5’s. After all scorecards are turned in, the net scores will be determined by totaling the scores on the six secret holes.

To use the Peoria system, follow these steps:

  • Tap Use Peoria system.
  • Tap six holes to select Peoria holes.
  • Holes can be selected during the tournament setup, immediately before the tournament begins, or you can specify that 18Birdies chooses the holes for you randomly.

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