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Creating a New Golf Tournament

With 18Birdies, YOU are the tournament organizer...should you choose to accept it.

Create your tournament

  1. Tap Play in menu bar at bottom.
  2. Tap Tournaments.
  3. Tap Create a new tournament.
  4. Give your tournament a name.
  5. Select number of rounds (you can choose 1-4 rounds).
  6. Set Start Date and End date (if you are playing in a different timezone than the one you are in when you create the event, set the end date for the day after the tournament starts, this will help you avoid time zone conflicts).
  7. Select Single Course or Virtual tournament.
  8. Select the Golf Course and specify other details such as 18/9 holes, Tee Time/Shotgun, Men's tees and Women's tees.
  9. Set the tournament format (Individual stroke, Stableford, Best Ball, Scramble, Individual stroke play + best ball).
  10. Set Handicaps.
  11. Decide if you want to include skins.
  12. Pick your leaderboards (all players get to view live leaderboards).

Make sure all players download 18Birdies!

On the day of the event

  1. Have all players enter the tournament code (you will be able to see this from your app under tournaments).
  2. You start the tournament.
  3. Have all Captains invite players from the tournament list to form your groups.

Check out this article on the 18Birdies blog for more information on golf tournament formats.
Five Golf Tournament Formats Every Golfer Should Know

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