Virtual Golf Tournaments

Unlike a  Single Course tournament, Virtual golf tournaments in 18Birdies allow you to play a tournament with people on more than one course. This lets you setup a tournament with friends in another state or across the world. 

Virtual Golf Tournament Overview

  • Individual stroke, Stableford, Best Ball, Scramble, Individual Stroke Play + Best Ball.
  • Create events that span up to 100 courses.
  • Golfers may play on different courses.
  • Unlimited players and rounds.
  • Flexible start at any tees and courses.
  • Tournament duration up to one month.
  • Multiple course leaderboards, Individual stroke play format only (Gross and Net).

Joining a Virtual Golf Tournament

Once you have created your tournament, you will need to send the four digit tournament code (or custom code) to all of your potential players. Once you have started the tournament as the organizer and your players start their round, the user will be prompted to select a course for that round. A tournament handicap will be calculated and applied based on the slope and rating information associated with that specific golf course.

Note: 40 Players maximum for tournaments set up in the app.

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