Finishing and Confirming a Round

Once your last hole has been scored and completed, you will see the 'Next Hole' button change to a button that says Finish Round. Don't worry, you can edit your scores and stats later if you notice something needs to be updated. 

On this screen, you will be able to see your round summary. You can share your scorecard by tapping the share button. Tap Continue to head into the expanded round summary screen.

Get Your Handicap

Confirm Scorecard

On the expanded Round Summary screen, you can see your stats and scores for this round as well as compare your average stats to your current round.

  • Tap on 'View Full Scorecard' to review your scores and stats tabs. If the information is correct tap the 'X' at the top of the corner to return to the round summary.
  • If you notice incorrect score or stat information on the scorecard:
    1. Tap the square in the Gross row corresponding to the hole in question.
    2. Tap the blue pencil and then tap the correct score for the hole.
    3. Review and correct any stats you tracked on that hole
    4. Tap:
      1. "Finish" to close the hole view and return to the scorecard
      2.  "<- Previous" or "Next ->" to navigate the immediately preceding and the following hole
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until the scorecard and stats are correct.
    6. Once you are satisfied with your scores and stats, tap "Finish Round" and you will be returned to the round summary.

Once you've tapped "Finish Round" -> "OK", the round will now be stored in your Round History and can be viewed from the ‘Round History’ section located in the ‘Me’ section of the 18Birdies App.

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