How to see what rounds are included with your 18Birdies Handicap

Quickly see if a round was factored into your handicap at any time by viewing your Round History.

  1. Open the app and tap Me on the bottom menu bar
  2. Tap Rounds to open your Round History.
  3. In each round information card, you will either see a Handicap: Included or Handicap: Replaced tag.
    If one of these tags is not shown on the round card, the round has not been factored into your handicap.

Handicap Status Definitions

Your handicap will change as you play more rounds with 18Birdies. To keep your handicap as accurate as possible, 18Birdies will only factor in your most recent rounds. Additionally, certain rounds you play may not be included with your handicap calculations because the course does not meet the minimum requirements. 

If your course does not qualify for handicap calculation, please see our support article 18Birdies Handicap: How It Works or reach out to for more information.

Handicap: Included

Handicap: Included means this round is one of the most recent 20 rounds that are eligible to be used in the handicap calculation.  Consists of either 9 holes or 18 holes at a course with par 69 or higher for 18 holes or 35 or higher for 9 holes. You don't need to enter hole by hole scores, but rather a total 9 hole or total 18 hole score will work fine.  

Handicap: Not Included

Handicap: Not Included means this round was eligible to be included in the handicap calculation but you opted out of including it in the calculation. You can include the round again if you like, or enter this round as an Old Round/Past Round.  

Not Eligible

Not Eligible means that this round either wasn't a 9-hole scored round, an 18-hole scored round, or it had a course par 60 or lower on 18 holes and par 34 or lower on 9 holes.  You also may have entered hole-by-hole scores but didn't finish the entire 9 or entire 18 holes. 

If you scored less than 9 holes the round will not be eligible, and if you score more than 9 holes but less than 18 holes only the front 9 will be eligible.  The back 9 scores would not count if they are not finished.  If you played holes 2 through 10, this also won't be eligible as it needs to be a complete 9-hole side holes 1 - 9 or holes 10 - 18. 

A round is also not eligible if there isn't a Course Rating™ and SLOPE® setup for the course. If you have Course Rating™ and SLOPE® information for a course that is not available in 18Birdies, please reach out to our support team with an image of the course's scorecard and we will update the course information for you.  

Handicap: Replaced

Replaced means your round was eligible but no longer falls within the 20 most recent eligible rounds used in the 18Birdies Handicap calculation. Rounds are included by those most recently entered by date. 

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