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Does 18Birdies Share or Sell My Email?

Absolutely not!

At 18Birdies, your privacy is of paramount importance. We take clear steps to ensure that we protect your data and privacy. This includes:

  • Encryption and anonymization of data
  • No selling of individual user data
  • Requiring you to opt-in to any data sharing such as location services
  • Providing you with privacy controls, allowing you to choose exactly what you share in the app

To see our data & privacy policy and other documentation, please take some time to read through this information

App Terms of Service

If you're a user of the 18Birdies App, this website or any of our consumer services, the 18Birdies Terms of Service applies to the services provided to you by 18Birdies.

18Birdies for Business Terms of Service

If you're a business customer, the 18Birdies for Business Terms of Service applies to the business services provided to you by 18Birdies.

Privacy Policy

This is where you’ll find information about what information we collect from you, what we do with that information, and how we safeguard it. Learn more about the 18Birdies Privacy Policy.

Community Guidelines

This is where you'll find information about the rules and best practices for interacting with the 18Birdies Community. Find out more about the 18Birdies Community Guidelines.

To enjoy the features and functionality of 18Birdies without the social or 'connected' experience, please see this link for instructions on How Do I Make My Account Private?

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