Community Guidelines

These 18Birdies Community Guidelines (“Community Guidelines”) are here to help you understand what it means to be a part of the 18Birdies community, AKA, The Players Club. 

Please keep in mind that your use of any 18Birdies website, application, service and/or product remains subject to and governed by the 18Birdies Terms of Service in all respects, and these Community Guidelines do not modify or replace any of the terms thereof. 

By using 18Birdies, you agree to be bound by the 18Birdies  Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and these Community Guidelines, which shall constitute “Additional Terms”, as defined in the 18Birdies Terms of Service.

The Do’s

Be honest about your score.

18Birdies and the game of golf are built on an honor system. Have integrity while inputting your scores. Our stats tracker, digital scorekeeping and side game calculator have been built to help you track your score, follow your personal progress and most of all, enhance your golfing experience. Lying or inputting flawed information will only hurt your 18Birdies experience and reputation.

Play nice.

We’re a global community of many types of people, ages and backgrounds. We all have the right to feel comfortable. Be polite and respectful in your interactions with other 18Birdies players and treat others with courtesy.

Be a player, be a good sport.

18Birdies was created to connect golfers of all levels to courses and a larger network of players. Be a player and encourage others to see golf how you do. Be supportive and reinforce good sportsmanship for the game – and yes, reasonable banter is absolutely encouraged.

Moderate your content.

Please use your discretion and good judgment when posting content on the 18Birdies app. Only post content that is appropriate for a diverse audience.

Relevance is key.

Make sure your content is relevant. When posting, ask yourself if the media you are posting is relevant to the golfing community. While the 18Birdies Players Club is a community for everyone, we are focused on enhancing the golf experience and take pride in building a network for players who love to talk about golf.

Only upload and share content that you have created.

Please be respectful of the copyrights of others. Please refrain from using content posted and/or created by others.

If something is wrong, please inform us!

Technology is awesome but doesn’t always work flawlessly. If by any chance you are experiencing difficulties or problems with the 18Birdies app, please contact us at or tweet us @18BirdiesApp

Have fun!

18Birdies is your place to build a network of golf friends and to share your love for the game of golf. Celebrate your great rounds and favorite courses, be social and share what’s important to you. See how other people are experiencing the sport of golf and encourage others to participate with you! This is your community – have fun and enjoy it!

The Don’ts

Here’s the lowdown: We are all fun people who love playing golf. We enjoy healthy banter and never want to miss a good joke. However, if we determine that you have crossed the boundaries we have listed below, we may take remedial actions (with or without prior warning), which may include removing content you post, placing restrictions on your use of the 18Birdies products and services, deleting your 18Birdies account and refusing any current and/or future access to or use of the 18Birdies products and services.

Don’t forget about the younger players.

While posting content (including statements, photographs, videos, and/or gifs) please be conscious of the younger players who are active on 18Birdies. If you would question showing such content to children, then please refrain from posting it on public and/or private group channels on 18Birdies.

Don’t show nudity in your cover photo, icon, or posts.

Your icon, cover photo, and any content you post must not contain nudity and should be appropriate for all ages. Do not post pornographic or sexually suggestive photos, videos or other content.

Don’t post illegal or prohibited content.

Don’t post unlawful, inappropriate, or prohibited content, or content that organizes, encourages or supports violence, terrorism, crime or any other activity that is contrary to the spirit of the 18Birdies products and services.

Don’t post content that isn’t yours.

We understand how easy it is to share other people’s photos, video, and other content, but don’t post anything created by someone else unless you have obtained that person’s explicit permission to do so.

Don’t rant, bully, or discriminate against other 18Birdies players.

18Birdies may not be used to bully, impersonate, harass, abuse, or intimidate others. Do not attack anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disabilities, diseases, or any other characteristics. Using hate speech or glorifying or endorsing hateful content or ideologies is never allowed on 18Birdies.

Don’t use 18Birdies for unauthorized commercial activity.

18Birdies is a golfing community for people to track personal progress, compete in a friendly way, and connect with other players and courses. Unauthorized commercial activity is prohibited. We do not tolerate spam or other activities intended to generate revenue and traffic for personal and/or financial gain.

Don’t post someone else’s personal information or request a minor’s personal information.

We want 18Birdies players to feel safe and comfortable exploring their interests here. Please respect other people’s privacy and don’t allow anything that reveals other people’s personally identifiable information. Asking a minor for their personally identifiable information is not allowed.

The Last Things

Copyright Infringement.

If you see content on 18Birdies that you believe infringes on your copyrights, you may ask the user who posted the content to take it down (but do not target such user by posting screenshots and drawing attention to the situation, as that may be classified as harassment). You may also submit a notification pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by following the relevant instructions set forth in the Terms of Service.

Questionable Scores.

If you believe that someone is inputting dishonest scores, please promptly notify our support team at We don’t encourage targeting individuals or calling people out on 18Birdies for this or any reason, as this could be seen as harassment.


We have developed these guidelines to ensure that 18Birdies players have a safe, meaningful and joyful experience while using 18Birdies. If you feel that you are unable to abide by these Community Guidelines, perhaps 18Birdies is not for you. Please also read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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