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How Do I Pair Players in a Tournament?

For tournament organizes, your best option is to predetermine the teams outside the app and let the players know who is playing with who.

The actual formation of the teams in the app will take place on the day of the tournament when the players are starting their rounds. 

Start Tournament Round

The first step for golfers in a tournament is to start the round!

  1. Open the app and tap Play on the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap Tournaments.
  3. Find the tournament and tap Start Tournament Round!

If the tournament organizer has not yet started the tournament, the Start Tournament Round button will be grey and will say "Tournament Starting Soon" or "Tournament Starting in X Days"

Add Players to Your Scorecard

For a 2 man best ball, they will only add the player who is on their team to their group in the app. Adding the other 2 players in that foursome will make the app think all 4 are on the same team.

Screenshots below of where to find the link to add a player to your team, and how to add from a list of tournament participants that you have invited. Keep in mind that the players have to 'Accept' the tournament invite to appear on this list of available players.

  1. Once the player has started the Tournament Round and on the scoring/GPS screen, scroll down and tap the "Add Player" button.
  2. Tap "Select from Tournament Participants".
  3. Tap the name for each of your playing partners, then tap Confirm to add the players to the same scorecard.

09 How to Use Tournaments from 18Birdies on Vimeo.

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