How do I use my Handicap Index®?

Now that you’ve established your Handicap Index®, it’s time to use it, and here’s how. 

Using your Handicap Index®

Let’s say you’re teeing it up on a par-72 golf course and playing to a 10 (ten) handicap on this course while your golf buddy is playing as a 2 (two) handicap. You play well and shoot an 84 while your buddy has a rough day and posts a 78. 

Your “gross score” is an 84, your “net score” is a 74 (84 – 10 handicap strokes = 74).
Your buddy’s “gross” 78 is now a “net score” 76 (78 – 2 handicap strokes = 76). 

And thanks to the magic of a Handicap Index®, you, my friend, are the big winner.

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