How to Recover Your 18Birdies Account

If you need access to your 18Birdies account, please email with the following details so we can locate your account and verify ownership

  • The first and last name registered to your 18Birdies account
  • The names of a few of your friends in the app
  • A few of your recently played courses
  • Estimation of how many rounds you've played
  • Your 18Birdies Handicap Index number
  • If your account is Premium or not Premium
  • Do you use iPhone (and Apple Watch) or Android (and Wear OS)

Facebook Login is no longer supported.

If you have registered an email or phone number with 18Birdies, you can still log back into your account using those credentials. 

To log back in with a phone number or email address, please tap the Login button after launching 18Birdies and following the steps to enter your email/phone number and password.

If you do not have an email or phone number associated with your account or would like more information, please email our support team at 

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