Shot Details

What are shot details and how can I find them?

Comprehensive insights into shot details are a cornerstone for golfers striving to refine their performance on the course. For those utilizing 18Birdies Premium, this extends beyond mere statistics. 

It provides users with a nuanced understanding of their miss tendencies, shedding light on the specific direction in which they commonly falter. Armed with this knowledge, golfers can make informed decisions during their rounds, strategically mitigating weaknesses and capitalizing on strengths.

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For Shot Tracking basics, please see our knowledge base article: Track Shot

How to Use Shot Details for Track Shot

  1. Once you have started your round and hit your first shot, press the 'Track Shot' icon at the bottom of the GPS screen.
  2. Use the scroll wheel to select the club that you used.
  3. Tap Add Shot Details.

  4. Tap your lie to select where your ball is resting.
  5. Tap the starting direction, shape, and height to mark the different parts of the ball flight for your shot.

  6. Tap the + on the location on the club face to mark where the shot was struck.

  7. Use the ✔ and ❌ to indicate if the shot felt like it was solid contact. 

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