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Tournaments are a big deal. We hope this can help answer some of your questions. 

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How To Join or Invite To A Tournament in 18Birdies

How does the app calculate the winners if they are at different courses?
What courses can golfers play?
Are there sponsorship opportunities?
How do I remove a tournament round from the schedule?

How much does this cost?

Virtual Tournaments are 100% free for both you and your golfers!

How does the app calculate the winners if they are at different courses?

Most golf courses are rated in difficulty by a combination of numbers (course par/slope/course rating). We encourage you to set some guidelines with your golfers so they know what type of golf course will work in the virtual tournament. 

Ultimately, you want your golfers to play a course with similar: 

Course Par
Typically par 71 or 72

Slope and Rating 
Take a look at the courses you have played in previous years to compare these numbers for men & women

This is to avoid some golfers from playing executive and par-3 courses.

The app will take the course par & difficulty for all of the courses played amongst your players, and then generate a 'generic course' which has equalized those factors to produce a level playing field.

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Do players have a list of courses that they can choose to play from, or do they input their course? Is it GPS that tracks the course?

Golfers ultimately are able to select any golf course that is available in the 18Birdies system – over 35K worldwide!

We do suggest that you send out some guidelines, based on the golf courses you've previously used for on-site tournaments, and poll your golfers on the courses in their area. 

Please keep us in the loop, we can help validate the courses & suggest courses to avoid/use.

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Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Official Tournament Feed

Communicating the importance of using the app to your golfers is key to getting your players to participate, but also engage with your yearly partners.

With each Virtual Tournament, a private Tournament Feed is created, which is similar to a Twitter or Facebook type of timeline. Only people who have joined your tournament will have access to this Tournament Feed. 

This is an area where you can sell advertisement spots, and we typically see these sold in sets of 2/4/6/etc posts to the Tournament Feed throughout the event.

When a post is made to the Tournament Feed, all people who have joined the tournament will get a push notification sent to their device, taking them straight to the sponsored post.

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How do I remove a tournament round from the schedule?

Remove a round from the Tournament Schedule

1. From the tournament home page, tap the Gear icon in the upper right corner.
2. Tap Edit Tournament Settings at the bottom of the page.
3. Tap Next at the bottom of the page.
4. Tap the Trash icon below the golf course name to delete the round.

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