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Edit Tournament Handicap

As an 18Birdies Tournament Organizer, there are two methods of adjusting players' handicaps.

Handicap Settings

During the tournament setup process, you will come to a screen titled Handicap Settings.

In the Handicap Settings screen, you have the following options:

  • Use Player's full handicap
    Option to Cap at a maximum value
  • Use Percentage of Handicap
    5% - 100%; Option to cap at a max value
  • Use the Peoria handicap system
  • No handicap


Once you have started your round, you can adjust handicaps for players in your playing group.

  1. Start your round and Add a Player to your round.
  2. Select from Tournament Participants

  3. Confirm the player is on your scorecard, then tap the players picture/icon
  4. Tap Edit Round Handicap, then tap the blue pencil icon to open the number pad. Once entered, tap Confirm

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