Edit Tournament Handicap

As an 18Birdies Tournament Organizer, there are two methods of adjusting players' handicaps.

Handicap Settings in Tournament Settings

During the tournament setup process, tap the drop-down arrow next to Use player's full handicap to select one of the following tournament handicap settings.

Use the player's full handicap

Option to apply a Course Handicap or use the player's Handicap Index

Use the percentage of Handicap

5% - 100%; Option to cap at a max value

No handicap

Will provide a Gross Leaderboard only. A handicap (net) calculation is not provided.

Player's Full Handicap

To apply a Course Handicap for each player, enable to toggle button option next to Apply Course Handicap; the toggle button should turn blue. 

If the toggle button option is disabled, the player's unadjusted 18Birdies Handicap (handicap index) will be used for net calculations. If a player's handicap index contains a decimal point, the handicap index will be rounded up or down, respectively.

Use Percentage of Handicap

Select the Use Percentage of Handicap option if you need to configure your tournament to only use 5% – 95% of a player's handicap.

No Handicap

To remove the Net Leaderboard and display a Gross Only Leaderboard for your tournament, select No handicap.

Edit Handicap Settings In-Round

Once you have started your round, you can adjust handicaps for players in your playing group.

Once you add a player to your scorecard, you will be prompted to modify and/or confirm the player's handicap.

  1. Start your round and Add a Player to your Scorecard.

  2. Search and add a player to your scorecard.
  3. Tap the group icon on the left side of the GPS screen.
  4. Tap the blue Edit Player link.
  5. Tap the blue pencil icon next to the Tournament Handicap
  6. Modify, then Confirm the player's handicap.
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