I Can't Find My Clubs

Can't find your clubs? Not a problem!

Just send us an email to Support@18Birdies.com with the following club information and we will get the clubs added to the database as fast as we can.

  • Who makes the club? (Titleist, Ping, Callaway, etc)
  • What is the club model? (AP2, G400, Epic Flash, etc)
  • What specific clubs do you have? (Irons, Irons & Wedges, Hybrids, etc)
  • What manufacturing year? (Titleist AP2 irons were originally released in 2008, but every year after has had a revamped version).

Please send the above information, as well as any further information that might help our team, to our Customer Care Team at Support@18birdies.com, or just hit the Contact link below.

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